Brush stroke silver skies turn

Watercolor gray

The strokes, they blend

And fade

With the progress of the day


Snow spits and drifts

And meanders in

As Fall has fallen and departed

Winter appears as it sees fit

Leaving warmth seekers broken-hearted


Yet warmth, the glow we find within

Has not left us so completely

For knowing emerges

In cold and in quiet, it’s presence

Shifting us meekly


Twigs with tones of coal and rust

Reach with upright unity

They know their place

Of catching flakes

Ushering in the season with dignity


In the field, the wildlife sets about

The medicine it sows

The magpies bid of light and dark

And for the graceful herd of whitetail deer,

Determination grows


Look within and look to heed

As the outward offers clues

The icy walk and frozen air

The chimney’s smoky fingers’ fare

Winter’s transformational muse

By: Angela Lehr, 11/30/16